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Assisted Search

Search the CRIS database using a fill-in form. A number of Help screens, automatic wildcarding, and built-in search logic are provided. (updated 07/10/2024)
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Professional Search

Search the CRIS database using a sophisticated interface. Intended for experienced users familiar with CRIS search fields, Boolean operators, and advanced search techniques. NOTE: This interface requires a javascript-capable browser. (updated 07/10/2024)
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CRIS Pending Projects

Search pending (formula-funded) CRIS projects by station code. (updated 07/10/2024)
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Multistate Projects

The National Information Management and Support System (NIMSS), maintained by the University of Maryland, is the repository of Multistate project information. Click here to access the database as a guest and search by project number or title. Click here to register for increased search and display capabilities. Note: CRIS projects which participate in a Multistate project may still be retrieved through the Assisted Search or Professional Search interface.
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NIFA Administered Functions

NIFA Administrative Functions (passwords required)
Last Modified 07/10/2024

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